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[Last Amended: December 29, 2022]

This Privacy Policy (“Privacy Policy”), describe how ryze beyond ltd. (“Company“, “ryze”, “we”, “us” or “our”) collect and process certain information, including Personal Data (as defined below) when users (“user” or “you”) access, browse and interact with our website available at: (“website”), and the rights you have with regards to your information.

This Privacy Policy further explains how we safeguard your Personal Data and how you may exercise your rights related to your Personal Data, among others, and where applicable, as required according to the EU General Data Protection Regulation (“GDPR”) and the California Consumer Privacy Act (“CCPA”).

This Privacy Policy is an integral part of our Terms of Use. Definitions used herein but not defined herein shall have the meaning ascribed to them in the Terms of Use. 

We want to enable you to freely decide whether you wish to use our Services or provide us with any information which may be required or obtained, and therefore, we encourage you to read this Privacy Policy carefully and use it to make informed decisions.



We reserve the right to amend this Privacy Policy from time to time, at our sole discretion. The most recent version of this Privacy Policy will always be posted on the website and the update date will be reflected in the “Last Revised” heading. We will provide notice if these changes are material and, where required by applicable law, we will obtain your consent. Any amendments to the Privacy Policy will become effective within 30-days upon the display of the modified Privacy Policy. We recommend you to review this Privacy Policy periodically to ensure that you understand our most updated privacy practices



Ryze, incorporated under the laws of the State of Israel, is the “data controller” (as such term is defined under the GDPR or equivalent privacy legislation) of your Personal Data collected through this website. This basically means that when you access our website, we determine the types of Personal Data to be collected, the purposes for which we collect and use it and the means by which Personal Data is processed. 

For any question, inquiry or concern related to this Privacy Policy or the processing of your Personal Data, you may contact as follows:

Data Protection Officer  

By Mail:

Ryze Beyond Ltd.

Yitzchak Sade 6, Tel Aviv, IL 

By Email:



Data Protection Representative –  For Data Subjects in The EU And UK: 

We value your privacy and your rights as a data subject and have therefore appointed Prighter Group with its local partners as our privacy representative and your point of contact. 

Prighter Group provides you an easy way to exercise your privacy-related rights (e.g., requests to access or erase personal data). If you want to contact us via our representative, Prighter Group, or exercise your data subject rights, please visit the following website.



We may collect two types of information from you, depending on your interaction with us. 

The first type of information is non-identifiable and anonymous information (“Non-Personal Data”). We are not aware of the identity of the individual from who we have collected the Non-Personal Data. The Non-Personal Data which is being collected may include your aggregated usage information and technical information transmitted by your device such as: type of browser, internet service provider (ISP), operating system type and version, mobile network information, device settings (e.g., default language), etc.

The second type of information is individually identifiable information, namely information that identifies an individual or may with reasonable effort identify an individual (“Personal Data”). 

For the avoidance of doubt, any Non-Personal Data connected or linked to Personal Data shall be deemed as Personal Data as long as such connection or linkage exists.

The table below details the types of Personal Data we process, the purpose, lawful basis, and our processing operations:




Online Identifiers 

When you interact with our website, we may collect your online identifiers, such as unique ID, Cookie ID, and IP address (“Online Identifiers“).

We process Online Identifiers for operational and technical purposes, such as to enable the website to be uploaded, as well as fraud prevention and data security.

Strictly necessary cookies which are required for the proper and basic operation of the website, and will be processed based on our legitimate interest.

Other cookies data will be processed subject to your consent, provided through the cookie preference settings.

You may withdraw consent at any time by using the cookie preference settings as detailed in the Cookie section below

Contact Information

If you voluntarily contact us for support or other inquiries, you may be required to provide us with certain information such as your email address, phone number, and additional information you decide to share with us (“Contact Information“).

We will use your Contact Information solely for the purpose of responding to your inquiries.

Our correspondence with you may be processed and stored by us in order to improve our customer service and in the event we believe it is required to continue to store it, for example, in the event of any claims or in order to provide you with any further assistance (if applicable).

We process Contact Information subject to our legitimate interest.


In the event you apply for a job via our website, we will process your CVs as uploaded by you, including your name, email address, phone number, information regarding your education and skills, employment history, and your photo (to the extent provided by you). In addition, we may collect further information from public and online sources, referees, and former employers and combine such data with your other data (“Recruitment Information“).

We will use your Recruitment Information to process your job application and for our internal recruitment management purposes, for further recruitment steps (e.g., interview), and to enable us to comply with corporate governance and legal and regulatory requirements.

Following the completion of the recruitment process, we may further retain and store the data (including other interactions with us under such process) as part of our internal record keeping, including for legal defense from any future claim, as well as, where we find applicable and subject to applicable law requirements, to contact you in the future for other job position we believe will suit your qualifications.

If you are hired by us, your data may be used in connection with your employment and our corporate management.

We may use third parties’ services and platforms to manage the recruitment process and to receive CV’s, such as  Comeet’s recruitment services, which will process your data on our behalf.

We process Recruitment Information subject to our legitimate interest.

Please note, in the event, you send us your CV, your provision of Personal Data in connection with recruiting is voluntary, and you determine the extent of information you provide us. In some cases, for example, where we will ask you to provide health related data or diversity and inclusion data, we will process these data based on your consent. You may always withdraw consent at any time by contacting us.



In the event you sign up to receive our newsletter or other marketing materials, you will be requested to provide your contact details, such as your email address. 

We will use this information solely to provide you with the content that you have requested.

We process such information subject to your consent. You may withdraw consent at any time through the “unsubscribe” link within the email you will receive or by contacting us directly at: dpo@

If you unsubscribe, we further retain your email address however solely as part of our opt-out list, based on our legitimate interest and solely to ensure we comply with such preference and choice (meaning so we will know not to send you marketing materials).

Partner Form

In the event you are interested in our services and wish to become a partner of us, you may fill in the designated form available on the website (“Partner Form“). By filling the Partner Form, you will be required to provide us with certain information such as: name; company name, email, and website; business model; company size; phone number, and any additional information you decide to share with us (“Partner Information“).

We will use the Partner Information for the purpose of responding to your Partner Form and to examine the possibility of future collaboration.

We process Partner Information subject to our legitimate interest.


Please note that the actual processing operation per each purpose of use and lawful basis detailed in the table above may differ. Such processing operation usually includes a set of operations made by automated means, such ascollection, storage, use, disclosure by transmission, erasure, or destruction. The transfer of Personal Data to third-party countries, as further detailed in the Transferof Datasectionbelow, is based on the same lawful basis as stipulated in the table above.

In addition, we may use certain Personal Data to prevent potentially prohibited or illegal activities, fraud, misappropriation, infringements, identity thefts and any other misuse of the website and to enforce our policies and agreements, as well as to protect the security or integrity of our databases and the website, and to take precautions against legal liability. Such processing is based on our legitimate interests.



Depending on the nature of your interaction with the website, we may collect information as follows:

Automatically – we may use cookies (as elaborated below) or similar tracking technologies to gather some information automatically when you interact with our website.

Provided by you voluntarily – we will collect information if and when you choose to provide us with the information such as contact us communications, applying for a job, etc.



As explained above, we use cookies to improve your experience while using the website. Cookies are small text files implemented on the user’s computer or web browser that allow some tracking and identification of the user to collect data regarding its data usage. We may use various types of Cookies, such as:

  • Essential Cookies – which are strictly necessary for the website to work correctly (usually appear under our name/cookie tag);
  • Functional Cookies – designated to save your settings on the website – your language preference or other view preferences (also, under our name/cookie tag);
  • Session Cookies – used to support the website’s functionality – such Cookies are usually stored only temporarily during a browsing session and are deleted from your device when you close the browser.
  • Social networks Cookies – Social Plug-In Cookies (e.g., Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn Cookies, etc.) enable sharing information with your social network’s accounts.
  • Analytics Cookies – give us aggregated and statistical information to improve the services and further develop it such as Google Analytics.

Please note that the data collected by the use of Cookies may be linked to and combined with any other data, including Personal Data.

In addition, Cookie’s data is usually collected through the use of third-party services, like Google, Facebook, etc. In those cases, your Personal Data might be transferred to those third parties, which might link it and use it together with other information they have on you from other sources. Such data is “owned” and processed separately by those third-parties under their terms and conditions and the direct accounts or subscriptions you have with those third parties. For example, if you have a Facebook account, the Personal Data collected through Facebook’s Cookies on the website might be linked to other data that Facebook collects from you as a Facebook user, and might be used by Facebook per the independent agreements between you and Facebook.

The specific cookies we currently use on our website, are detailed in the table below:




Google Analytics

Analytical, Measurement & Performance Cookies

Google Doubleclick

Targeting & Advertising Cookies



We share your Personal Data with third parties, including our partners or service providers that help us provide our Services. You can find in the table below information about the categories of such third-party recipients.




Trusted agents and service providers 

All types of Personal Data 

We may disclose Personal Data to our trusted agents and service providers (including, but not limited to, our Cloud Service Provider, our Analytics Service Provider, etc.) so that they can perform the requested services on our behalf. Thus, we share your data with third party entities, for the purpose of storing such information on our behalf or for other processing needs. These third-party service providers have access to Personal Data needed to perform their functions, but they are prohibited from using your Personal Data for any purposes other than providing us with requested services.

Any acquirer of our business

All types of Personal Data

We may share Personal Data, in the event of a corporate transaction (e.g., sale of a substantial part of our business, merger, consolidation or asset sale). In the event of the above, our affiliated companies or acquiring company will assume the rights and obligations as described in this Privacy Policy. 

Enforcement of our rights and security detections.  

All types of data

We may disclose Personal Data to enforce our policies and agreements, as well as defend our rights, including the investigation of potential violations thereof, alleged illegal activity or any other activity that may expose us, you, or other users to legal liability, and solely to the extent required. In addition, we may disclose Personal Data to detect, prevent, or otherwise address fraud, security, or technical issues, solely to the extent required.

Legal and law enforcement  

Subject to law enforcement authority request.

We may share certain data when we believe it is appropriate to do so in order to comply with the law enforcement, governmental agencies or authorized third parties, or protect the rights, property, or security of ryze or others.



We acknowledge that different individuals have different privacy concerns and preferences. Our goal is to be clear about what information we collect, so that you can make meaningful choices about how it is used. We provide you with the ability to exercise certain choices, rights and controls in connection with your Personal Data. Depending on your relationship with ryze, data protection and privacy laws provide you with various rights concerning your Personal Data, including (and depending on your jurisdiction): the right to access your Personal Data that we process; the right to ensure your Personal Data is accurate, complete and up to date; the right to have your Personal Data amended (by correcting, deleting or adding information); the right to object to the processing of your Personal Data, to the extent applicable; the right to withdraw consent, subject to legal or contractual restrictions and reasonable notice; the right to non-discrimination and the right to cease sharing or selling your Personal Data as such term is defined under the CCPA.

You may exercise any or all of your rights in relation to your Personal Data by filling out the Data Subject Request (“DSR”) form available here, and send it to our privacy team at: dpo@



We retain Personal Data we collect as long as it remains necessary for the purposes set forth above, all in accordance with applicable laws, or until an individual expresses a preference to opt-out, where applicable. 

Other circumstances in which we will retain your Personal Data for longer periods of time include: (i) where we are required to do so in accordance with legal, regulatory, tax or accounting requirements, or (ii) for us to have an accurate record of your dealings with us in the event of any complaints or challenges, or (iii) if we reasonably believe there is a prospect of litigation relating to your Personal Data. Please note that except as required by applicable law, we will not be obligated to retain your data for any particular period, and we may delete it for any reason and at any time, without providing you with prior notice if our intention to do so.



Data security is of high priority to us. We make efforts to protect Personal Data we process from unauthorized access or unauthorized alteration, disclosure or destruction. We have implemented physical, technical and administrative security measures for the website that comply with applicable laws and industry such as restricting access to Personal Data to our personnel, minimize the data that we store on our servers, etc. Note that, we cannot be held responsible for unauthorized or unintended access that is beyond our control, and we make no warranty, express, implied or otherwise, that we will always be able to prevent such access.

Please contact us at: dpo@ if you feel that your privacy was not dealt with properly, in a way that was in breach of our Privacy Policy or if you become aware of a third party’s attempt to gain unauthorized access to any of your Personal Data. We will make a reasonable effort to notify you and the appropriate authorities (if required by applicable law) in the event that we discover a security incident related to your Personal Data.



We may store or process your Personal Data in the EU, the United States or in other countries. Thus, any information you provide us may be transferred to and processed in countries other than the country from which you accessed our website. We will take appropriate measures to ensure that your Personal Data receives an adequate level of data protection upon its transfer. When Personal Data that was collected within the EEA is transferred outside the EEA, we will take necessary steps in order to ensure that sufficient safeguards are provided during the transferring of such Personal Data. You may exercise your rights, where applicable, to receive information regarding the transfer mechanism that was used during such transfer. Personal Data transferred outside the EEA is transferred, in all cases pursuant to standard contractual clauses  approved by the European Union (“SCCs“). Additionally, following the withdrawal of the United Kingdom (UK) from the European Union on January 31, 2020, the UK is no longer considered to be a part of the EEA and therefore, the transferring of Personal Data from the EEA to the UK will also be subject to the SCCs or other contractual clauses that will ensure the security of the Personal Data (pending an adequacy decision from the European Commission).



This website is not intended for use by children (the phrase “child” shall mean an individual that is under the age defined by applicable law which with respect to the EEA is under the age of 16 and with respect to the US, under the age of 13) and we do not knowingly process children’s information. We will discard any information that we receive from a user that is considered a “child” immediately upon our discovery that such a user shared information with us. Please contact us at: dpo@ if you have reason to believe that a child has shared any information with us.

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