Black Friday at ryze: How to Thrive in the Online Mattress Market 

Ever wonder about the secrets to success during Black Friday? Shoppers might be eager to buy, but the competition can be overwhelming. In this exclusive interview with Hadass Bar-on, our superstar Business Development Manager of Top 5 Mattresses, we’ll cover all your burning questions. 

How big is Black Friday for the online mattress industry?

Black Friday is the biggest e-commerce event just about everywhere - especially in the United States, Canada, the UK, and Australia. Israelis also really like to shop, and of course to save too. 

It’s safe to say it’s the golden opportunity for businesses to bring in revenue that makes its mark for the entire year. Shoppers are actively seeking out promotions and discounts this time of year. And the same thing goes for mattresses online here at ryze. 

Some customers even wait specifically for Black Friday to make their mattress purchase, knowing that savings are going to be significant. It’s not uncommon to see sales even double compared to an average month, reflecting the huge impact this event has. 

With trends spiked up and more attractive deals available, we also spend more knowing that it’s bound to be a worthwhile investment for literally the entire year. 

What additional actions are required to succeed on Black Friday for you and the mattress team? 

To be successful in such a big event, everyone really needs to be in sync. It’s money time so all stakeholders need to communicate and work seamlessly as a team. This includes product, content, and design ensuring all pages are event ready. As for the campaign manager, it’s crucial that they make the right adjustments to the dynamic market and optimizations in terms of budgets and targets. 

For me the Biz Dev in charge, it’s my responsibility to maximize profits. It’s definitely a more intense period with far more dialogues with brands. The promotions change sometimes on a daily basis and sometimes the deals with the brands also change. 

There are higher expectations from the brands themselves too. In preparation I aim to ensure our goals are aligned with theirs - that way we know how to evaluate correctly. Being in close contact with the brands also lets us get a better picture of how we compare. 

Traffic during this time is also more expensive, so we really need to make sure we’re making the right moves. I provide information from the brands to help make the most accurate predictions.

Our PPC manager, Lilach Herbst, and BA Or Yagel are entrusted with putting together these crucial predictions, together with information from past events and trends. Their vast experience in the B2C and eCommerce industry, especially with these events also helps to maximize the potential for our brands to the fullest. 

In such a competitive market, how does ryze stand out during Black Friday?

Hands down - it’s mainly possible thanks to our amazing, hard-working team here to get the job done no matter what it takes. They are highly experienced, understand the market, are on top of the numbers, and are always asking the right questions. Specializing in high-intent users, ryze has already conquered 6 Black Fridays in the online mattress industry. 

Will the war affect our success this Black Friday? 

When the situation first broke out, I raised some flags a month and a half before the event. We would need to be extra prepared this year as we are unstaffed with a large part of our team in army reserves. 

We started setting dates and goals earlier than usual to ensure we reach them without any unexpected surprises along the way. I’m proud to share that we’re fully ready for Black Friday and are more prepared than ever. We’re also stronger than ever, ready to continue to fuel the Israeli economy. 

Hadass, is there anything additional you’d like to add? 

I’m really happy to be the Business Development Manager of mattresses even with the challenges that come with it. Coming from the gaming and finance industry, I’ve learned a lot and am still learning a lot. 

The B2C and eCommerce world is a little different and it’s been a real eye-opener. Consumers know what they want, but it’s still more competitive with more brands and types of mattresses to choose from.  

It’s going to be a great event - well-done team! 

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